Hands holding a glass orb. You can see the reflection of a set of escalators in the glass orb.
Photo by Nigel Tadyanehondo on Unsplash

Who has time for that?

And now for the good news

Ransomware is still here

Supply chain risk will still be a thing

A tugboat pulls the freight carrier “Evergreen” through the Suez Canal.
Photo from: https://www-wired-com.nproxy.org/story/what-take-cargo-ship-un-stuck-suez-canal/

Asset management will still be elusive

Non-security people will have other priorities

Vulnerability management will still be hard

Picture of multiple planet earths, overlapping one another in a galaxy
Photo from scifi.stackexchange.com



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Helen Patton

Helen Patton

Cyber Security, Technology Ethics, and Humanity. What else? I can be found at CISOHelen.com or on Twitter @CisoHelen