InfoSec Teams: Getting Comfortable Saying “No”

  • Some CISOs, in some industries, can monetize their assets, systems or data. In other words: “If system X is not available for 30 minutes, it will cost us $10 million dollars in lost memberships”.
  • Some CISOs can evaluate the life impact: ”If this system is hacked, a person will die.”
  • Some CISOs can do none of these things, so resort to a legal/regulatory view: “If the data in this system is compromised, it will cost us $10 million in fines.”

Teach Them To Phish

Make Security Services Easier To Use

Improve The Pipeline

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Make Security Teams More Agile



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Helen Patton

Helen Patton

Cyber Security, Technology Ethics, and Humanity. What else? I can be found at or on Twitter @CisoHelen