Once Upon A Time In Security

Warner Bros: From the movie The Shining — “Here’s Johnny!”

Story #1: You Cannot Secure Things You Can’t See

Story #2: There Is A Shortage of Talent in the Security Profession

You Can’t Fool Me

Story #3: Following a Risk-Based Approach to Security is the Right Thing To Do

Alt Story #1: There are limits to what we will do

Alt Story #2: Security is a special profession, and we will treat it that way

Alt Story #3: Unless Security is at the table when decisions are being made, they will not take the fall when the security risks come to pass

Are you in the room where it happens?



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Helen Patton

Helen Patton


Cyber Security, Technology Ethics, and Humanity. What else? I can be found at CISOHelen.com or on Twitter @CisoHelen or on Mastodon @cisohelen@infosec.exchange