The End of Cybersecurity in 2023

Will 2024 Be A Year of New Things?

Helen Patton
4 min readDec 25, 2023


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There’s a change coming in the cybersecurity profession. I can feel it. Consider:

  • Thousands of people are being told there are millions of open security jobs, but most of them struggle to break into the industry due to overwhelming supply of entry level job seekers.
  • Regulators are demanding organizational leaders consider cybersecurity risk as fundamental to the health of their organizations
  • Failure to transparently govern cybersecurity is considered a criminal act
  • Cybersecurity leaders are doing amazing work, and also burning out as they are asked to fulfill unrealistic expectations of their role
  • Consumers are expecting “minimally viable security” in products and services, and are concerned about the rising tide of marketing surveillance
  • Cybersecurity activities are recognized as the fifth domain of war, and are watched by military analysts and politicians who perceive these digital activities to be a precursor to physical war.
  • The growing recognition that organizations responsible for critical infrastructure are resource limited to a point where they cannot protect that infrastructure.



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